David Reilly

(1977-1978) David Reilly

When David first started out, he recorded his song-based albums under his own name before becoming known as Sombre Reptiles in December 1980.  He reverted to his own name for subsequent anthologies.

It Can Only Get Better (1978), contains David’s first attempts at song-writing. Long since deleted, the opening instrumental track “First Declension” appears on the “Anthology 1977-2001” 2CD set and was also reworked 25 years after the initial September 1977 recording for “Ampersand” in 2002.


1977 – It Can Only Get Better

1978 – Requiem For A TV Game

The Hero’s Quest

And The World Turns On

Cheap Flights To Anywhere

Reporting To Remote Control

2001 – Anthology 1977-1981

Anthology 1982-1986

Anthology 1987-1991

Anthology 1992-1996

Anthology 1997-2001

Anthology 1977-2001(5CD)

Anthology 1977-2001 (2CD)

2008 – Anthology 1977-2007 Vols 1-10

2017 – Rubinmusik 1977-2017


(1977 – 1981) David Reilly

Between September 1977 and 1981, David recorded a number of experimental electronic instrumental albums under the pseudonym DDHR.

“The Drone Effect”‘s title track consisted of one note played for 30 minutes with varying changes in frequency. It was often used to send people off to sleep at 4 in the morning at parties.

As the title suggests, “Munchen Musik” was recorded in Munich and, like AMF (also recorded in Germany but this time near Kassel) it’s mainly piano based.

Extracts from “The Drone Effect” and “AMF” appear on the “Anthology” 2CD set.


1978 – The Drone Effect

Android Jam (w/The Noise)


1979 – Munchen Musik

Basso Profundo

1980 – Running Away


Deceptive Conception


1981 – Treatment and Design

1984 – Possibility Soundtracks Vol 2


(1978) David Reilly/Dennis “Dood” Hamilton/Fred Hessler

David was heavily influenced by his best schoolfriend at the time, Dood Hamilton. Dood started writing his own country tinged songs around 1975/6 influenced by the Eagles and Neil Young. Heartband had no drummer just Dood and Fred on acoustics and David on very basic bass. But David did occasionally use knitting needles and Tupperware boxes as percussion. Stand outs were early covers of Young’s “Like A Hurricane” and Jonathon Richman’s “Egyptian Reggae”.  Much of the material was

recorded with one microphone in Dood’s mum’s front room.


1978 – Heartband Heartband

Heartband Live


(1978) David Reilly/Dennis Gurr/Desmond Gurr

In the summer of 1978, David joined up with the Gurr brothers to form a guitar, bass and drums trio playing mostly David’s compositions. The band would play on occasional Sunday afternoons at a Mental Institution near Edinburgh much to the delight of the patients.


1978 – Berlin Berlin

Berlin Live

Rough Cut

(1978-1979) David Reilly/Dennis Gurr/Dennis Hamilton/Desmond Gurr

This was Berlin with an extra guitarist as David brought Dood in. The band played around the Edinburgh area and the setlists now included some of Dood’s songs along with a memorable version of Hawkwind’s “Silver Machine”.

The group would rehearse at a local Church Hall every Sunday. The “Sven Diamond” album was recorded direct to cassette during these rehearsals. The Cross Keys set was played to a packed audience in Dalkeith and was Dood’s last gig with the band. Essentially an audience recording bootleg.


1978 – Sven Diamond

1979 – Cross Keys Live

Rough Takes


(1979) David Reilly/Dennis Gurr/Angus Bolton/Desmond Gurr

With the departure of Dennis Hamilton, guitarist Gus Bolton was recruited and the band took on a harder sound. Gus was a veteran of local punk band The Noise. The songs became shorter, louder and faster.

“Around The Sound” (1979) was recorded during rehearsal sessions, this album captured Spring 1979 perfectly.


1979 – Around The Sound

Capital Models

(1979-1980 / 2011-Present) David Reilly/Ann Park/Jim Park/Angus Bolton/Eric Merrill/Jamie Frain/Keith Apter/Nicky Hind/Andy Wilson/John Weitzen/Stuart Cobley/Paul Reynolds

Kicks split up at the start of the summer of 1979 and David formed a new trio with college friend Ann Park on electric violin and her brother Jim on drums.

After a couple of rehearsals, David went to Munich for the summer. On his return he formed a new trio with Gus Bolton and another ex-Noise member, Eric Merrill.

After getting a set of new songs together, David re-recruited Jim Park on drums.

To allow him to concentrate on vocals, Jim’s friend Jamie Frain was brought in on bass.

The band took its name form a shop in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile and started gigging in January 1980. By March however, Jim and Eric had left and been replaced by Keith Apter and Nicky Hind respectively.

In May 1980, David added synth to the musical line-up and Nicky left leaving a four piece.

The quartet gigged around Scotland until August when David left to live near Kassel, Germany for a year. Gus and Jamie were joined from Pure Bears by singer Kenny McLeod and drummer Donald Mitchell to form Ritual Dance.

“The Sweet Thrill..” was recorded on to two track reel to reel at Eric’s house in January 1980 after the initial five-piece had played just one gig.

“Breaking Silence” was a 6 song EP recorded in May 1980 by the second quintet line-up while “Maskless” was a collection of rehearsal and live recordings showcasing the final quartet.

The Anthology was put together in 2002 for Jamie’s 40th birthday and contains every song the Models ever played apart from their cover of the Who’s “Substitute” which was never recorded.

In early 2011, the final quartet reformed, with the possibility of playing live dates and writing new material. They were subsequently joined by Jim Park.

Unfortunately, Gus Bolton declined to play live with the group, while Jim Park also pulled out of reunion work due to other commitments.

However, in 2012, David, Jamie and Keith performed live again as a trio version of Capital Models, performing their take on a wide range of cover versions and introducing the annual Capital Models Xmas Covers night.

In 2013, David’s nephew, Andy Wilson joined the band on keyboards and guitar and the new quartet played the second annual Capital Models Xmas Covers gig in December.

In 2014, the Capital Models Easter Extravaganza was planned for April – with the quartet set to perform some of their original repertoire live for the first time in almost 35 years.

This was cancelled due to the tragic and untimely death of Jamie Frain on 21 March.

In November that year, the remaining trio of David, Keith and Andy, performed again as Capital Models at a charity event for the British Heart Foundation in Jamie’s memory…

After various discussions regarding continuing the band, in May 2015, Andy finally left to live and work in Yorkshire…

Jim Park declined an offer to drum again with the group, the proposal including Keith Apter moving to bass duties and the three 80’s members forming a new trio…

In September of that year, David once again proposed a trio to revive the annual covers night but both Jim and Keith declined due to other commitments

In October 2015 David recorded solo versions of two songs from the band’s covers sets, “Starman” and “Dakota”, in memory of Jamie and uploaded those to Mixcloud but under the Cloudland Blue Quartet name

Then, in April 2016, David advised he might be working again with Keith Apter and, in May of that year, it seemed a new trio version of Capital Models was on the cards, with Keith moving to bass and new drummer John Weitzen joining the group but Keith pulled out a month later

In January 2017, David and Keith started rehearsing together once again, with Keith playing bass and, in February, Keith chose a set of songs to work on while John Weizen agreed to join the band – later that month, David and John ran through the set together and Keith then played along with the tapes of that session

Separately David worked with fellow Creek member, Stuart Cobley on guitars on the same set of cover versions

In August 2017, the new trio of David, Keith and John finally played together for the first time, while David played separately with Stuart Cobley – in September it was proposed the band become a quartet again, with Stuart Cobley joining on second guitar but, when the group next played, in December, they remained a trio

However, in January 2018, the group announced Stuart Cobley had been added to the line up and rehearsals started on a regular basis

In May 2018, the group advised they would perform live for the first time in almost 4 years on 1 September 2018, while, in June, it was announced the ex-Pure Bears keyboard player Paul Reynolds would be joining the band, bringing it back to quintet status.

Capital Models full return as a quintet took place on 22 July…


1979 – Early Tapes

1980 – Live Vol 1

The Sweet Thrill Of Industry

Live Vol 2

Breaking Silence

Live Vol 3


2002 – Anthology

Go here to listen to Capital Models…

Sombre Reptiles

(1980-1996) David Reilly

Whilst living in Germany David decided to give himself a “band” persona and, from a shortlist of Brian Eno song titles, the name Sombre Reptiles was chosen.

In all, David released 35 albums under this name from Love/War/Travel/Etc in December 1980 to Starcrossfix in December 1995 before becoming the Cloudland Blue Quartet in the summer of 1996.  Albums were recorded using multitracking and programing with backing tapes being used for sporadic live dates.


1980 – Love War Travel Etc

1981 – The Value Of Games

Pictures From A Magazine

For You

1982 – The Second Set

The White White Black

Palace Of Truth


River In August

A Kiss and A Smile

1983 – Souvenirs Of Pop

World Of Fire

State Of The Art I & II

French Leave

1984 – Terra Nostra

King’s Ransom

Music Is Lethal

1985 – A Study Of Events

1986 – Poppies

The Poppy Party

The Poppies Remix

1987 – Smalltalk

1988 – Birmingham


1989 – 1980 – 1989

1990 – Crispysnatch

1991 – Liverysilver

1992 – Angelspeech

1993 – Songs Of Sombre Reptiles 1


Songs Of Sombre Reptiles 2

1994 – Kernelcrux

Songs Of Sombre Reptiles 3

1995 – Bitter Sweet Covers


Flirten ist ja leicht (Flirting is Easy) 

(1980) David Reilly/Edith Baesse/Carsten Tampe/Diedriech Rudolf

Notwithstanding the Sombre Reptiles moniker, David formed a “real” band while living in Germany in 1981.

Taking their name from a magazine headline, Edith Baesse (now a radio DJ in Munich) was the lead singer, Carsten Tampe played guitar and Didi Rudolf featured on bass while David played drums.  The material performed was taken from the first two Sombre Reptiles albums, Love/War/Travel/Etc and The Value of Games


1981 – Flirting is Easy

Social Cue 

(1981) David Reilly/Jim Park/Anne Fowler

On returning to Edinburgh in the late summer of 1981, David pulled together a five piece line up including girlfriend Anne Fowler on synths and Capital Models’ original drummer Jim Park.  David played bass and two other members on guitar and saxophone respectively completed the line up (their names are lost to antiquity…).  The band never gigged but produced enough material for one album including versions of songs from Sombre Reptiles’ Pictures From A Magazine album.  Songs written with this line up also appeared on Sombre Reptiles last 1981 album, For You.


1981 – Social Cue


(1981-1982) David Reilly/Anne Fowler/Jeff Foster

After Social Cue came to nothing, David andd Anne teamed up with drummer Jeff Foster in a band that sound a little like New Orde.  However, David was unwilling to accomodate Jeff’s love of reggae style drumming and the trio split amicably.


1982 – Iceberg

Last Uprising

(1981-1982) David Reilly/Andy Learmonth/Jeff Foster

In the winter of 1981/82, David joined punk band Last Uprising to play keyboards on their live dates.  No recordings of the band exist in David’s archive.

DDHR & Keith Apter

(1982) David Reilly/Keith Apter

David got together again with second Capital Models drummer, Keith Apter in the Spring of 1982 and they recorded one album of persussion and synth music which was received rather well in David’s adopted home from home, Germany.


1982 – Possibility Soundtracks

Disco Complex

(1982-1983) David Reilly/Alan Brodie/George Coleman/Anne Reilly/Keith Apter/Kenny MacLeod

Originally a four piece featuring David, old schoolfriend Alan Brodie and wife Anne Reilly (nee Fowler) on keyboards and ex-Pure Bears bassist, George Coleman, Disco Complex was formed to peform a one-off gig of cover versions of songs by the likes of David Essex, Gary Glitter, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Magazine and Roxy Music.  The band stayed together however writing their own material (some of which appeared also on Sombre Reptiles’ A Kiss and a Smile). Keith Apter joined on percussion with ex-Ritual Dance and Pure Bears singer Kenny McLeod added on guitar and joint lead vocals.  The band eventually drifted apart in the summer of 1983.


1982 – Live


Thin Ice

1983 – Colonnades


Love Parade

(1983-1985) David Reilly/Alan Brodie

Around the time Disco Complex split up, David was performing gigs in Edinburgh as Sombre Reptiles using backing tapes.  Alan Brodie joined him onstage briefly at one performance and the two decided to form a pop duo writing, recording and performing together from September ’83 for a year.  After a short break they reconvened to write the difficult second album but to no avail.  The duo recorded one more album of ambient music in early 1986 before changing their name to Boom!


1984 – Half The Civilised World


1986 – Six Pieces


(1984) David Reilly/Malcolm Logan/Davy Weddell

David had known Malcolm Logan for a number of years, regularly contributing exclusive tracks to Malcolm’s cassette fanzine The Plateaux Phase and recording Malcolm’s band, Acoustic Youth.  The two got together to write and record an album under the name Charnelhouse with Josef K bassist Davy Weddell.


1986 – Charnelhous

Dancers Of San Martino

(1984-1987) David Reilly/Alan Brodie/Stewart Robinson/Bobby Gillies

David formed The Dancers of San Martino with Stewart Robinson (aka Peri Urban) and brought Alan Brodie into the band along with some of the aborted Love Parade material. Meanwhile, Stewart brought in Bob Gillies from their previous band M.A.O….


1984 – Tape Loops

1985 – Phase Two

The Dancers Of San Martino 1915


1986 – Phase V

1987 – The Dancers Of San Martino 1987


(1986-1998) David Reilly/Alan Brodie


1994 – Music For Zoobabaloo

1998 – Pop Culture

The Heavenly Music Corporation

(1986-1995) David Reilly


1986 – Variations

1989 – Clear Cold Morning

The Squirrel Cage

Heavenview II

1993 – Cloudland Blue

1994 – Taormina

Windfall Star

1995 – Room A201

The Moveable Sky

Call Me Clive

(1986-1991) David Reilly/Malcolm Logan/Steven Moffat/Phil Green/Nick Aldridge/Charlie Dootson


1987 – Studio & Live Vol 1

1988 – Studio & Live Vol 2

Scottish Tour

Studio & Live Vol 3

1989 – Moray House Live

Calton Studios Live

Crazy Wisdom

(1992-1998) David Reilly/Malcolm Logan/Alan Brodie/Charlie Dootson/Steven Moffat/Gerry Fleming


1994 – A Death Junkie’s Last Peep Show

1998 – We Live The Foreigner’s Life

2002 – The Reptile Tapes (4CD)

Cloudland Blue Quartet

(1996-Present) David Reilly


1996 – Events One and Two

Events Three and Four

Live Overview 90-96

1997 – Gold Leaf Deep Red

Flitterkram! Fripp & Eno

Over The Blue And Gold

Bolivia April Three

Fierce Cascade

Frozen Architecture

Jaffa Cake April Tutu

Songs Of Sombre Reptiles 4

Callingstill Trilogy

1998 – April To Wait A Tick

Grace & Lightness & Slow Motion 93-98

The Respect Of Sheer Inertia 90-98

A Nice Job Small Town – Songs 86-98

Semi Automatic

1999 – Betonmusik

Reinhardt Richter Rosenquist


2000 – After A While – Unplugged 2000

20/20 Vision-1977-2000


Songs & Soundscapes 1986-2000

2002 – Ampersand

2003 – A Nice Job In A Small Town LP

A Nice Job In A Small Town EP

Lovedrunk EP

I Re-Arranged The House EP

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted EP

What On Earth Have We Done EP

File Under Electronica

Ten Twelve Seventeen EP

The Time Of Our Lives EP

Skylines Full Of Cranes EP

Another Happy Day EP

One More Chance EP

Souvenir I

Here He Comes EP

Souvenir II


Decade 1993-2002


Still We Doubt You EP

Souvenir III : 25 Yrs in 63 Mins Unplugged

2004 – Songs Of the Sombre Reptiles V

04 04 04

Souvenir IV : Open House Medley EP

Souvenir V : EdRush Set EP

Souvenir VI : Songs Soundscapes Electronica

Souvenir VII : Recorded Live

Fifty Five Songs (Vols 1-5) Souvenirs VIII-XII

2005 – Love and War EP

The Crocodile Song EP

Half A Lifetime Away EP

Very Small EP

The Gardener EP

Anything But Ill EP

Where Are You EP

The End Of Everything EP

Live at the Roxy (w/ James Jamieson)

Through The Day



2006 – The Acoustic Deeperdown

The Acoustic Ersatzreal

The Best of CBQ 1996-2006

2007 – Souvenir XIII : 01 03 07 EP

Virginia Man EP

Souvenir XIV : 09 06 07 EP

Souvenir XV : 29 07 07 EP


2008 – Souvenir XVI : Ersatzreal Live

Ersatzreal Companion EP #1

Ersatzreal Companion EP #2

rsatzreal Companion EP #3

2009 – Soundingfall

Souvenir XVII: Acoustic Soundingfall

2010 – Splinterheart

Souvenir XVIII : Splinterheart Live

2011 – Aftersilence : Retrospective 1996-2011 (2CD)

The Vendôme EP

2012 – Starlightnight

2013 – Riverleaves

2014 – Morphinecodex

2015 – The Leonard Cohen EP

Dakota Starman EP

2016 – Four Last Things

2017 – Disquietmusik

2018 – Disquietmusik II

2019 – 4th May, 2019

CBQ & Peri Urban

(1996-1999) David Reilly/Stewart Robinson


1996 – 29.V.96 & 6.VI.96

1997 – 29.V.97 4.VI.97 12.VI.97

1998 – VII.98 VIII.98 X.98 XI.98

1999 – Strata 1-7

6.II.99 & 6.XI.99


(1997-Present) David Reilly/Craig Sutherland/Alan Brodie/Stuart Cobley


1997 – An Acre Of Dreamy Vol 1


An Acre Of Dreamy Vol 2

An Acre Of Dreamy Vol 3

An Acre Of Dreamy Vol 4


1998 – An Acre Of Dreamy Vol 5

An Acre Of Dreamy Vol 6

An Acre Of Dreamy Vol 7

An Acre Of Dreamy Vol 8

1999 – About Death Basically

2004 – Somewhere Between

2007 – 1.0.0 (4CD)