01  Man Walking To The Sky Painting

02  Documenta Museum Painting

03  Seville Airport Blue Painting

04  Seville River Painting

05  Documenta 11 Tunnel Painting

06  Rome Vatican Skycape Painting

07  Rome Church & Moon Painting

08  Rome Glow House Painting

All artwork © 2003 David Reilly


In 2013, David commenced a new Cloudland Blue Quartet project, “Twenty Four Paintings”…

In 2015, this was released in a limited edition comprising a book of paintings along with a set of twenty four CDs containing over fifteen hours of music…

Each CD comprised one soundscape relating to one of the paintings…

There were also one, two and four CD sets containing differing details of the twenty four soundscapes…

The “Twenty Four Paintings” are set out below while the editions described above are now sold out.

All artwork © 2013 David Reilly